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Areas of Expertise

Marketing strategy

You could have the best products or services in the world, however alone these won’t grow and sustain your business. You need a marketing strategy that includes a plan and a budget that capitalizes on a variety of marketing channels to get to your target audience. I help companies create and execute marketing strategies that increase visibility and grow sales.

automation & execution

Martech is the blending of marketing and technology. Your marketing efficiency is key to your profitability and success. I help companies identify and implement marketing automation to achieve and measure marketing goals and objectives. Some technologies include CRM, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Social Media, Analytics, Event Management.

project management

Do you have a marketing project that needs special attention for successful completion but don’t have someone on staff that can take on this additional responsibility or have the expertise enough to know what steps to take? Some project examples are a new website, marketing campaign, special event or CRM implementation. Let me take the responsibility for turning the vision into a reality. I will identify all the tasks that need to be completed and work to get them completed on time for a successful project outcome.

content marketing

Being relevant, connecting with your audience in all the places they are, and building trust through your communications are critical to your success. What and how you communicate in all of your marketing channels will impact lead conversions and is significant to your success. Need help developing content for your marketing? I can help.

sales & marketing process

Alignment between sales and marketing teams don’t come naturally for most companies however they are critical for sales success. What’s your sales and marketing process? When will a lead get passed off to sales? Which factors go into qualifying a lead? What opportunity stages should we have? What qualifies someone to move from one opportunity stage to the next? When does an opportunity close and go back to the marketing team for further nurturing? Let me help you eliminate the silos between sales and marketing by identifying and defining the sales and marketing process.

Event Planning & Execution

Marketing your brand and products through special and promotional events is a highly effective strategy. There is an art and a strategy to successful event marketing. I assist companies with identifying, planning, executing and promoting events that create brand awareness and generate sales leads. Some event types of experience are: seminars, lunch & learns, webinars, trade shows, conferences, customer appreciation events, sales meetings and more.

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• Ability to see the big picture vision then develop and execute tactics to get to the finish line.

• Practical solutions with real results.

• A knack for making something complex simple.

• Adaptability to a variety of business environments.

• Vision to see through challenges and overcome perceived barriers.

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• 25+ years of business and marketing experience.

• Focused on marketing results and sales growth.

• Sales and marketing strategies that develop strong brands and capitalize on a variety of channels.

• HR, Sales, Operations, Marketing

• SEO SEM, Social Media, Trade Shows