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Champion Resources

Expert Execution for Growing Businesses

See what I can do for your business

Hi, I’m Marcie Palmer

Marketing Strategy Consultant

Marcie Palmer, founder of Champion Resources, is called a straight up pro. After graduating from Aquinas college with a degree in Business Administration, she has experience in almost every area of business including HR, sales, operations and marketing, gaining unique and valuable perspective along the way.  She spent 15 years in the distribution industry growing marketing departments from scratch. Marcie established and executed on sales and marketing strategies that developed strong brands and capitalized on all channels of marketing including email marketing, blogs, SEO, SEM, social media, seminars, customer/vendor events, trade shows and more.

What services do I offer?

Marketing Strategy & Project Management


Social Media

Event Marketing

Email Marketing

CRM & Marketing Automation System Selection, Implementation & Training

Sales & Marketing Process, Automation & Execution

Define and map the marketing & sales process.

Automate the process using marketing and sales technologies.

Implement and train on the tools.

Event Planning & Execution

Sales Events

Customer Appreciation

Trade Shows


Vendor Special Events

Content Marketing

Write & Prepare Content for:
Social Media

Interested in growing your business?

For a free consultation and proposal send me a short description of your challenge(s).

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